SOCHIO 15days Set Treatment

SOCHIO 15days Set Treatment

Min Order Limit: 1  
Total Price : S$180.40

15 Days at Home Facial Regime to unleash the beautiful you!

The powerful duo of facial sheet masks and a LED mask help to address all your skin concerns.

The 24K Gold Thread Collagen Mask helps to lift your face to the ideal ‘V’ shape and reverse the signs of skin aging.

The Silk Membrane Mask harness the power of silk to protect the skin surface, reduce the effects of acne, brighten and whiten the skin with powerful antioxidants.

Everything that you need for your skin, we have it all in one set!


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Singapore #1 online Beauty Magazin BeautyInsider

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15 days Home Facial Regime Set included:

= 1 SOCHIO LED Mask + 3 boxes of SOCHIO sheet mask

=(6pcs x Gold Thread Carving Masks + 9 pcs x Silk Masks)



LED light therapy–Fancy skincare innovations powered by NASA technology.

Effectively treat a multitude of skin problems.

LED mask has 3 light colors:

  • RED: skin rejuvenation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, promote collagen production

  • BLUE: eliminate acne bacteria, minimize pore size

  • YELLOW: brighten skin & lighten melanin.

LED mask comes with a 1 year warranty of 1-1 exchange.


SoChio Facial Mask Sheet Set –20 Effects


Skin Cell Regeneration

Minimize Pores

Inhibit the growth of bacteria

Restore youthful appearance

Treating Acne

Soothe Skin

A Slimmer “V” Shape Face


Firming Skin


Accelerate skin healing process

Calming Skin

Inhibit the growth of acne

Reduce wrinkles

Hydrating Skin

Increase skin elasticity

Revitalize skin

Lightening Skin Pigmentation

Soften Skin