2 bottles of SOSLIM

2 bottles of SOSLIM

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You deserve the best for yourself, so why not try out this product that will help you look better than ever before!

With just twice applications a day, you can see results in just 7-14days!

Get ready to slim down and dress up more confidently! 


Featured on: Singapore #1 beauty online magazine BeautyInsider

Awards: Best Body Care Best Body Treatment 2021- BeautyInsider

Asia’s Favourite 20-in-1 Cold Sensation Slimming Gel NEW & IMPROVED FAT-FREEZING TECHNOLOGY 

Infused with 24k Gold Flakes and Korea’s Cooling Green Tea as well as other potent active ingredients such as Caffeine, Chamomile ,Glaucine, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

SoSlim Slimming Gel is proven to significantly reduce body fat while targeting 9 other skin concerns including Cellulite, Stretch Mark, Dark Spot, Scaring, Sagginess, Dryness, Dull Skin, Uneven Skin Tone, and Aging. 


“Tested and proven by thousands customers and they are able to results within 7-14 days”



Key ingredients: 

24k Gold Flakes


1. Reduce Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Spots 2. Stimulate New Skin Cells

3. Prevent Premature Aging

4. Lighten the Complexion

5. Slow Down the Depletion of Collagen Level 6. Repair Sun Damage

7. Reduce Inflammation

8. Increase Elasticity of the Skin

9. Reduce Skin Allergies

10. Give the Skin an Extra Glow


Boseong Green Tea 

Boseong Green Tea is specially produced in the green tea mountain fields in Boseong district in South Korea. It is well known for its great quality of green tea. Boseong is the green tea capital of Korea, producing tea for the past 1,600 years.


1.helps stimulate the process of breaking down fat cells in hypodermis layer of the skin.



4.antimicrobial properties in green tea 

5.effective treatment for various skin conditions such as aging, sagginess, or dryness.



1. dehydrating fat cells 

2. reduce stretchmarks 

3. reduce inflammation 

4. tightening skin 

5. brightening skin 

6. reducing lumps and dimples 

7. reduce cellulites 


Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil

Anthemis Nobilis has calming and anti-bacterial properties. It fights against inflammation of the skin, including inflammation of sunburns and minor scrapes and cuts.


1. calming skin 

2. removing toxins from skin

3. reduce inflammation 

4. treating skin irritation 



1. Reduce cellulite

2. Reduce water retention

3. Firming skin



1. Increase skin smoothness

2. Aid in wound healing

3. Promote cell proliferation and longevity


Hyaluronic Acid

1. Hydration

2. Help lock moisture in on skin

3. Tighten skin tone

4. Reduce fine line and wrinkles


SoSlim 20 Amazing Benefits:

• Freeze Fats

• Brightening Skin

• Massage & Stimulate Acupoint

• Inhibiting New Fat Forming

• Fat Burning

• Improve Skin’s Sagginess

• Reduce Inflammation

• Lightening Stretch Marks

• Skin Firming

• Promoting Blood Circulation 

• Smoothing Skin

• Reduce Cellulite

• Revitalize Skin’s Metabolism

• Anti-Oxidant Skin

• Increasing Skin Elasticity

• Moisturizing Skin

• Detoxification

• Enhancing Skin Collagen

• Anti Skin Allergy

• Reduce Water Retention